my story


my story

Welcome!  I am Angela Marshall.   Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist.  Certified Life & Health Coach.  Mindfulness Meditation Teacher.  Reiki Practitioner. Writer.  Speaker.  Mental Wellness Advocate.  Mom.

Here is why I do what I do....


When I was 38, I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, after my brain and body almost completely shut down from over 20 years of depression, mania,  eating disorders, stress and adrenal issues.  I was told that 1 in 5 with my circumstances usually didn't survive, my chance of healthy life would be very limited, my disorder would get worse... and I would for sure be on medication for the rest of my life.

In the midst of all the fear, angst and pain of that severe diagnosis, I heard something within me telling me that there was a better way and that it wasn't the end.

I intuitively knew that that didn't have to be my fate.  I began researching anything and everything to do with healing the brain, how the brain could be retrained and rewired. I also learned about the gut-brain connection and how my hormones were affecting my mood and anxiety.

I discovered that our bodies have the amazing ability to self heal – as long as we provide the right environment to do so.

 I was beginning this healing journey literally rock bottom.  My body and brain had shut down so severely that I couldn’t work or hardly function in day to day life.  After divorce and losing my career, I was a single mom, had very little for support plus I had adrenal fatigue, chronic digestive issues from disordered eating, low thyroid and a host of other symptoms from the years of stress that I was under to try to heal.  I was also highly addicted to sugar and caffeine... and had a really BAD relationship with food and emotional eating.  This all turned out to be a perfect storm in the gut-brain connection and why the manic-depression and anxiety were so rampant in my brain (who knew then that 90% of our serotonin was made in our gut?!)  

Embarking on a healing lifestyle change of whole, REAL food, healing my gut and balancing my hormones.  I also delath with toxic relationships in my life and went on to discovering my own spiritual path.  This was beyond transformative for me after the life-long depression and anxiety that I had lived with.  For the first time in my life, I experienced peace, energy, confidence,  deep sleep.... and lost the weight/food struggle (this is HUGE for someone who also had emotional eating issues and struggled with eating disorders).

Day by day, step by step, moment by moment, I began carving out a new reality for myself based on the wisdom and empowerment I gathered along the way of what I was learning.

I hope what I share with you here will give you the small steps to begin your own path to wellness whatever place you are beginning at.  To remind you that this is your own souls journey and your body is brilliant and knows what to do when we get out of its way.  It was one day at a time for me; even one breath some days, and one moment of connecting to that higher self and inner wisdom that we all have to make one small change at a time.  It makes all the difference.

My wake-up diagnosis inspired me to tune in and take better care of myself & my life

It taught me how to listen to my brilliant inner guide and to trust my intuition.  I learned that the inner critic, beating myself up and my perfectionist drive of what I "should" be doing, worrying about what other people were thinking were all soul-sucking and damaging to our health, relationships and life.

 When I discovered Functional Medicine, I moved away from symptom-oriented thinking towards a whole body system model, and I finally saw what had been right in front of me all those years. We have three basic body systems that can be thrown off: the adrenals/hormone, the digestive system, and our liver detox pathways. Additionally we have the brain and all its regulatory functions. The brain impacts the gut, and the gut impacts the brain. The brain impacts the hormones, and the hormones impact the brain. Toxins impact everything. And to top things off, our feelings, thoughts and the emotional events we experience control it all. The complexity of the body was revealed to me in the simple and predictable breakdown patterns of the three key body systems.

When you understand something, then anything is becomes possible. It’s transformative.

Every day, I help my clients shift their life and body. My practice has grown to include Functional Diagnostic Nutrition - meaning we test...don't guess.   I’ve worked with so many amazing people in my years of coaching and I’m deeply grateful to really doing the work I’m meant to be doing. I get to have a direct, meaningful and lasting impact on the lives of others.

Today, at 47,  I thrive and mentor, write, speak on Mental Wellness, and coach others into their natural well-being and coming back to their soul self. 

My wish for you is you also live a happy, healthy and thriving life.  It's possible.

Be Kind. Be Love. Be Well.

Always with light and love,

My philosophy on health:  Functional Medicine + Ancient Wisdom

Your body is always trying to tell you something and trying to talk to you

Feeling crappy or illness is a message from your body. Most often we are covering up the symptoms rather than listening to our body. I believe now that getting down to the root cause of how you’re feeling is key and asking great questions leads you to great answers.

Your body created your panic attacks. Your anxiety. Your lethargy and moments of extreme unhappiness. All of your symptoms are showing themselves on purpose.

 Why are you foggy? Why is your mood off? 

To get your attention.

Your symptoms are biologically designed “notice me!” signs. They want you to change. But change what?

What is at the root of depression? What is at the root of your symptoms?

Your body’s systems are all interconnected.

So to find solutions to your mental health symptoms, you can’t just look at your brain.   To find solutions to skin problems, you can't just buy the next best cream to put on topically.  If your energy is off, hitting it with caffeine everyday is like a short term high interest loan.  Eventually you will have a big debt to pay.

We have to look at the whole body.  Temporary solutions may help a bit, but it is still not listening to the underlying root cause and if something is off it will show up somewhere else to get your attention.

Just as your body’s systems are interconnected…so is your body connected to your environment.

Every one is completely unique and what is called bio-individual. That is why one diet doesn't work for everyone.   Everything that we do together is completely personalized and tailored to you.

For those who like more of the professional resume info and like to know that I have done a whole lot of training too (besides the school of hard knocks) you can check out some of my teachers and mentors here:


my favorite things

my favorite things


some of my favorite things!

Books,  mindfulness & meditation saved my life (literally).  Rumi quotes.  My amazing kids who have grown up so fast! Sacred geometry is so cool.  Lipstick.  Nature is my sacred space.  Hiking. Will Farrell movies and sappy chic flicks.   Running.  Yoga is amazing.  Good food.   Games night.  Christmas.  Compassionate people. My lake.  Hammocks & lying in the sun.  Juicing & smoothies.   Early morning sunrise.  Pinterest.  Dogs & Cats (I am a Leo and have 3 cats).  Essential oils.  Deep spiritual conversations and spontaneous fun!