The Artful Kitchen Adventure


Are you ready to make delicious health a priority, but don’t need 3 months to get moving?

You’re in the right spot.

This in-person, savvy make-over day is loaded with insider tools to get you crystal clear about
what nourished living really means; for your pantry, kitchen, and lifestyle.

This one’s for…

…the busy pre-cleanse gal (excited and a bit nervous) ready to jumpstart her health and weight loss goals on the VIP clean who wants a V.I.P experience getting Clean & Happy in her kitchen and set up completely in her life and in her home with experienced guidance, insight and skill to be fully on-board the day the cleanse begins

…the fabulous 40+ feminine force, eager to give her body & life at home, the attention it needs, shed extra pounds, and feel ah-mazing again.

…the stylish bella, looking for an end to the confusion around labels, what’s really healthy, and what to eat, once and for all.

…the foodie-in-training who loves her smoothies, but also a good glass of red wine or nutella on toast.


But first – does any of this sound familiar?

“I’m weighed down inside & out – both in my body & in my home…but I can’t figure out why.”

“I feel like my kitchen works against me instead of for me most of the time,but I’m too overwhelmed & busy to try to figure it all out.”

“I buy healthy stuff (flax seeds, fish oil, fibers, superfoods)…then forget what I picked it up for, and it gathers dust in my pantry.”

“I’ve got pots, pans & gadgets for miles, but I don’t use half the stuff”

“I like cooking! It’s deciding what to make that stresses me out.”

“I love the farmer’s market/organic aisle…but I’m clueless about what to buy when I’m there.”

If bells are ringing, don’t sweat it sweetheart.  You’re exactly where you need to be.



Here’s what we’ll dive into over this amazing one month intensive:

  • An in-depth look at the contents and set up of your kitchen (because we’re about to make it both functional & gorgeous)
  • The full kitchen makeover, to beautify & organize your space so you can eat well and cook more easily – minus all the useless, confusing crap
  • A deep inquiry into your day-to-day life, to uncover any patterns keeping you stuck, and what old habits that need to die hard – pronto.
  • How to shop for food quickly and easily; whether you’re at the super market or the farmer’s market
  • Easy recipes and techniques to make cooking a snap, and demystify what you “should” be eating at every meal
  • Tips for packing your pantry with the delectable necessities you’ll love and restock, again and again
  • Techniques for kicking out sugar and carb cravings for good
  • Foolproof strategies for fearless restaurant eating
  • Total access to a fantastic box of tools, packed with recipes, how-to’s, and other resources to help you stay on track


While I tailor every intensive to the unique needs of the client, here’s a snapshot of what our day can look like.

MORNING: The Deep Dive Insider Discussion

We’ll start with a sit down session together to review your goals, stumbling blocks, and any other areas you’re finding especially challenging. It’s just you + me, getting into the nitty gritty of everything you need… and the underlying causes that might be making things seem impossible to overcome.

From there, we’ll draw up a plan to conquer all your obstacles, and make you a fierce queen of the kitchen; from simplifying trips to the store, to the recipes and eating habits that make health gorgeosly delicious. It all starts here.

LATE MORNING: The Total Kitchen/Pantry Party Revamp

Now, it’s time to face down the dustiest corner of your cabinets/pantry/fridge. But don’t worry! This isn’t as scary as it sounds. And I like to have fun with my gals, so we will get some serious shizzle done, while laughing at what we discover along theway..

 Setting up your home for the way you want yourself and your family to live holds a very real and very special power to transform everyday cooking & living into something you are excited about, every day.

AFTERNOON: A Lunch on the Town

This is all about shedding confusion around one of the most puzzling parts of eating well: how to order at a restaurant.

What’s hiding unhealthy fats? How can you avoid stuff that’s loaded in fake-o-butter? What can you sub out to turn less-than-healthy meals into scrumptious, nutritious indulgences (without feeling obnoxious and looking like an over the top food crazed diva)?

I’ll show you everything you need to know, while we have a blast chatting and enjoying some tasty local fare.

MID AFTERNOON: Shopping Showdown

It’s time to banish that bewilderment from the supermarket/farmers market, or health food store aisles. I’ll show you my simple tricks for finding where the “good stuff” is in your grocery store, alternatives for sugar-laden desserts and unhealthy snacks, new fresh foods delish spices to try and so much more.

I’ll also demystify the health food store for you, explain how to shop the foods that are in season, and give you recipes to turn once-puzzling veggies and greens into unforgettable meals your whole family will love. This is something my peeps just rave about, later. You can’t get these hands on lessons in a cook book.

LATE AFTERNOON: Cooking Creative

We’ve spent all day prepping your beautified kitchen and pantry. Now, it’s time to cook it up.

I’ll teach you one of my favorite simple recipes & show you easy cooking techniques that you can customize to suit you and your family’s tastes. I’ll also leave you with a simple recipe guide to keep you inspired, and sampling new flavors long after we wrap.

END OF DAY: Wind down & follow-up

After we finish our cooking lesson, we’ll take some time to go over everything we discussed, and refresh your brain on all the new tools you’ve picked up.

I’ll leave you with a personalized binder full of recipes, home & health beautifying tips, and strategies for a body that matches the newly revitalized interior of your kitchen.

For an entire week after our day ends, you’ll also have the chance to hop on the phone with me for one 30-minute follow-up, as well as unlimited access to my email. This is your chance to ask any further questions you may have, get additional help in some areas, and make sure you’ve got everything you need to kick off your elegantly nourished life with ease and grace.



A quick review: what’s under the hood

  • A full 1-1, in-person nutritional deep dive with me (about 6 hours) My Pantry Party Makeover Guide, packed with worksheets, how-to’s, and other resources to help you stay the course with style
  • One of my favorite cookbooks (not by me – but a favorite chef I absolutely adore!)
  • A full binder of recipes, and other delights to help your kitchen become your favorite room in the house
  • E-cookbooks packed with easy, delectable recipes you can throw together in minutes with tools you’ve already got
  • A luscious local lunch, out on the town, my treat, to demystify ordering with healthly pananche
  • A 30-minute follow up call PLUS unlimited email access to me for a week after we wind down


Ready to roll? Let’s rock.

It’s time to step up, and design the healthy life you want –
instead of just waiting for it to happen.

When you take the time to create a beautiful space where you can cook and love
your food, amazing shifts (and extraordinary body changes) can’t help unfolding.

It’s time to make it happen.

To schedule your Artful Kitchen Adventure now,click (goes to email inquiry) HERE to get in touch.


KINDLY NOTE: I have just 2 slots for The Artful Kitchen Adventure available each month, and they fill up quick. As much as I’d love to hold the door ajar for you… it’s up to you to cross the threshold!

What you learn could change & beautify your life, So let’s get rolling.

Your investment: $650.00