I like to affectionately call this "shiny object syndrome".

  I could be doing something one minute, and then ziiinnnnggg!  Next more interesting shiny object or thought, I would be off on that string.  All over the place sometimes!   When I am cleaning my house and go into one room to get something and end up in ten other places, doing ten other things before I remember that I had gone there to get something in the first place!  Which is all fine, but super disruptive when I am trying to focus and get something done!

 I came to realize that that busy, distracted brain was called ADD.  I’m going to share with you the top foods, supplements, natural treatments and essential oils in the to help improve focus.  But as someone who has lived with this kind of brain wiring, it is important to note that meditation is one of the most amazing tools for training the brain to focus!  SO do all the good stuff to support your healthy brain, but always know that meditation is a daily practice that is super helpful!


Foods to Avoid on the ADD Diet (or for anyone who wishes to have a healthy brain)


SUGAR.  You know this.  I know this.  And yet I still see people eating and drinking LOTS of sugar.  At one point in my 20's, I was always so stressed out and I was literally LIVING off off sugar candies.  Sounds gross, but once I got addicted to sugar, it was all my brain wanted and I barely ate anything that was "real" food.  No wonder I was all over the place!! 

Once I was diagnosed, I finally started to take responsibility about my body and realizing that eating gummy bears and candy was not an option. 

Other foods to avoid include:

Conventional dairy
Food coloring and dyes
Artificial sweeteners

All that stuff that you can't pronounce on the boxes (but it's not good for any brain!)

That leads me into the top supplements for treating ADHD. The No. 1 supplement is fish oil.  Several studies show that fish oil and cod liver oil have been very effective in the treatment of ADHD. Fish oil benefits those who suffer from ADHD due to the omega-3 in fish oil.  If I forget and don't take this for a while, I can totally tell the difference.  This is one thing that I make as a "have-to" for myself, like brushing my teeth. 

The next supplement that can help ADHD is a vitamin B complex. Vitamin B complex contains things like vitamin B6, vitamin B12, folate and biotin, and these vitamins are essential for supporting the nervous system and brain and improving focus.

Essential Oils for ADHD

This in one of my favorite things when I find myself going from one shiny thing to another.  When I need to get centered and focused, but am not going to plop down in a chair to meditate, I use essential oils to help me to get that focus back.

The most effective essential oils are vetiver and cedarwood essential oil.  A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that vetiver oil had a 100 percent effective rating on treating ADHD and cedarwood oil an 83 percent effective rating.  You can see why I love this stuff so much!! 

What I do is take two drops of vetiver oil (this is a think oil and smells very woody), two drops of cedarwood oil, and just rub them the neck and then up around the temple area. If you need to dilute it a little bit, you could use some coconut oil; rub that on the area, and that’s going to help improve focus as well.

There are some other really great oils and blends that you can use for helping to focus.  If you struggle with ADD, give me a shout for a free 30 minute wellness consult!

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