Crystals and gemstones have a unique, specific frequency created by the organization of the crystal molecules within their chemical structure. Each atom vibrates at a specific rate of speed, producing remedial power. The energy released by a healing crystal depends on the internal frequency of the atoms of the crystal. The body’s electromagnetic field also changes when crystals or gemstones are brought closer it, affecting the organs. 

Some stones, such as amethyst, rose quartz, and blue calcite, are considered sources of tranquility and magnets for attracting positive energy (and these are some of my favorites!). Other crystals with positive effects on mental health include amber, coral, garnet, jade, jasper, and sodalite. These stones can impact mental health, but there are specific stones for improving female health. Such stones have a positive effect on the female reproductive system and fertility.  These include: 

1. Garnet. Also, known as the “sex stone”, garnet gives strength to life by making energy as required. Garnet has been used as a healing element for women who have suffered from gender abuse since garnet helps in reclaiming and regenerating lost vigor. The primary value of garnet for women lies in its ability to strengthen the reproductive system and fertility. 

2. Bloodstone.  Bloodstone is another stone with the ability to neutralize toxins present in your body. It can be especially helpful in treating blood disorders. For women’s specifically, this stone can help minimize anemia and heavy menstrual bleeding. Because of its detoxifying properties, it rejuvenates mind and body and stimulates cognitive functions. 

3. Carnelian.  Carnelian is a crystal that can be beneficial in reversing reproductive disorders, such as heavy menstruation or infertility. 

4. Chrysocolla.  A beautiful stone of blues and greens, chrysocolla releases and removes negative energies from the body. For women, this stone can be extremely helpful during menstrual cramps, abortions, insulin resistance and thyroid imbalances. 

5.  Hematite.  Hematite is a black stone and aids in relaxation. It minimizes pain from bleeding, muscle cramps, childbirth, anemia and nervous disorders. Like all other stones, this stone can neutralize the negative energies in your body. 

6. Malachite.  Malachite helps women improve their reproductive health by controlling hypoglycemia and its consequences, such as immune disorders and menstrual irregularities. 

7. Moonstone.  Named because of its ability to synchronize with the lunar calendar, moonstone balances your hormones and menstrual cycle by aligning them with the phases of the moon.  

Additional stones with beneficial properties for women’s health are opal, turquoise, tiger’s eye and fluorite. You can find beautiful stone jewelry as necklaces, bracelets, or solitaires to keep in your pocket.  Find one you like and enjoy its healing powers. Trust your intution when picking crystals for yourself!