Having coached for over six years now, I have been gifted with being part of the shifts and changes of so many people. For me the real change is why I do this work in the world and what this is about. I am very grateful to be a part of this deep work and the love flows both ways! XO

I was fairly new to the city and had found that within my first year I felt alone and had no one to talk to. I reached out to Angela and it was the best thing I ever did. I was having so much trouble in my new job and was at the heaviest that I had ever been at. I am still at my job, but was able to feel so much better and handle the stress differently I feel like I have taken control of my life again. I even started to train for a 5 km race this summer!
I heard about Angie from friend of mine who looks healthy & fantastic. I was saying to her that I wished I could feel better and she told me ALL about Angie. I was really interested (OK… desperate) to make some changes so I could feel better, and lose weight. But this went way deeper then I ever expected. I had so many self-sabatoging patterns (yes, I had been on every diet!). I had no idea how I had used food to emotionally cope with all the stress in my life. Today I AM THE ONE WHO IS HEALTHY AND FANTASTIC (and telling everyone about Angie!) She helped me so much.
I was so stressed out and busy with my career and kids that I really didn’t know if going to a life coach would help but I had to try something. I was feeling depressed and had anxiety most of my life but I was barely coping anymore.
I really love that Angela understood exactly what I was going through and was able to walk me through step by step how to deal with that.
I finally feel at peace and don’t experience anxiety anymore. Not to mention how much she helped me with my parenting and the issues with my son. I even sent my husband to her! I am so happy that I found Angela
I am so grateful that my sister sent me to Angie. She knew how much I struggled with depression and I just thought “it was the way I was” since I had been to so many counsellers over the years.
Angie gave me so many things to work with and practices. She taught me meditation and also what foods were not good for me. Today I don’t wake up with that heavy cloud over me. I am actually happy! I am so grateful Angie...thank you!!!
I heard about Angie from one of my friends who went to see her about her anxiety. I saw so many changes in her that I decided to see if she could help me with my weight and fatigue.
All I can say is that she is amazing! I feel better than I ever have!
Angela is so wise and has helped me in so many areas of my life. I think my husband is as appreciative as I am! I would recommend anyone to Angela if you are wanting to change anything in your life!
With Angie’s guidance and unconditional support, I not only learned how to become tuned in to my body, I was able to uncover the old tapes and internal conversations that were holding me back. I realized I believed the messages from others about aging and their “shoulds” around how I ate, how I exercised and how my body was going to react as I got older. I was able to shift into a place of even deeper exploration, empowerment and love. I am again in control of my choices as I move into the next great phase of me! I highly recommend this to any woman who is looking to explore ways to bring greater self-love and care into her life!”
The impact that coaching had on my life was incredible! I have struggled for over 15 years (at least) with weight fluctuations and emotional issues surrounding food and body image. Through working with Angie, I was able to discover the root cause of my eating/body issues and understand how to move forward. Not only is there a physical transformation, but also a significant emotional weight loss as well. This was really deep work, but she also made it so fun. I love Angie so much! She is just a great person and a fantastic coach. She cares so much!
“At the time I had my first appointment with Angie, I didn’t truly understand how I, in fact, could consciously choose my thoughts. Angie quickly helped me realize how I was allowing negative thinking patterns to hold me back. I was largely living in the past and had totally given my power away. Slowly I began to take control of my life and it began with making a conscious choice everyday to become aware of my thoughts. As I became better at this I found it easier & easier to direct my thoughts towards being present & positive. I learned how to embrace the feelings I wanted to have & envision the life that would generate those feelings. It has been an evolution and I find months later that I feel in control of my mind and with that everything else is falling into place! Thank you so much for your wisdom Angie!
I was struggling at the time when a friend told me to go and talk to Angie. I didn’t know what to expect but it was truly the best thing that I could have done at the time.
My relationship was constantly in the same issue and I exhausted and feeling like I had no idea what to do. Angie helped me slow things down and tune back in to my intuition and deal with the issues that I was having. I had no idea how disconnected from my body.
Today I have a much better relationship - both at home and with my body. I have even lost almost 20 pounds this last year and feel SO MUCH better. Thanks so much Angie. You were my lifesaver
Angela is a tremendously good and enthusiastic life coach. I found her empathetic and also highly intuitive so that she could help me change the beliefs and issues that I had. I initially came to her because I was feeling depressed and super stuck in my job. I was able to really get clear on what I wanted in life and to stop talking myself out of it like I had done in the past.

Angie is super energetic and enthusiastic! I always left ever session with her feeling like I could take on the world! I am back in school and starting my masters this fall and feel so excited about my future for the first time!

She also really helped me with my health issues that I had She is SO knowledgable and the changes that I have made have made me feel so much better. She even convinced me that I could cook my own food...and now I love doing that! I am not sure why I thought that would be so hard.
Going for life coaching with Angela is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Due to her deeply intuitive perception, keen intellect and warm heart, she was able to move me from an intensely self analytical and stuck place where I had resided for most of my life, to a place of more positive energy and a sense of infinite possibility. The shifts in my life have been profound and noticeable. Years of counselling did not accomplish what a few months of life coaching did for me.