The Deep Dive Details

Perhaps things have hit a catalytic point and you really have to dig deep and need super support now.  This is where we really pull you out of the tough place that you are in.  Because you’re a total original, your VIP experience will be too. I fully tailor my approach for each individual client – but here’s a peek of what is in store if you’re on-board.

  • An initial 30-60 MINUTE consultation with me, to pin down exactly where you’ve come from, and where you think you want to be.
  • 4 x 60-90 minute in person, phone or Skype coaching sessions a month for 3 months, so we can keep you flowing on your progress, do any “tune ups” for your mindset, and generally set you up to break through any barriers you have.
  • UNLIMITED email support between sessions. My guaranteed response time is within 24 hours, but I’m usually on it sooner; because that is just how I roll.
  • A  red carpet ride into any of my group programs for up to a year. Just step right up whenever you’re ready to join any program I have going on. Note: This does not include the cost of any supplements.
  • A handpicked collection of the BEST RESOURCES & BOOKS just for you, to empower you with the knowledge you need to stay inspire, and keep going… long after we say: Ciao for Now.
  • A FULLY-PERSONALIZED FOOD & NUTRIENT exploration plan, based on YOUR individual body
  • Guidance on WHAT’S CAUSING YOU emotional issues, and how to break through those glass ceilings any time they arise.  We also work with dealing with those tough people who may be in your life right now (yes, I've been through a divorce too and had my body breaking down too!)
  • An ALL-ACCESS PASS to my personal cell phone. You can text me or ring me 9 AM – 5 PM CST Monday – Friday. While I care deeply about all my clients, I’m offering next-level support to VIP’s only.

As in… if you’re standing in the grocery store about to bring home a pint of Haagen Daaz & a bottle of wine to deal with your bad day, pick up the phone and call me. I’ll help you put the Haagen Daaz down, and help you out in a healthier way. I’ve got your back.


Few more details…


Because this 3-month program is such a major life-changer,
I only work with THREE VIP clients at a time.

I want to make sure we are a great fit. And of course you do too! So let’s set up
our Fearless First Step Session and get to some straight up talking.

Your investment:

Or stagger your payments:

(per month for 3 months) 

You ready?
Let’s have some fun while getting out of this tough space and get some life changing work done!


How to apply

Because I only have space for 3 VIP clients at a time, we will want to get to know each other and decide if we are a great fit. But of course!

So before we have our First Step Discovery Session, 

You’ll be asked to tell me things like:
Your big goals for our time together (and any additional smaller ones)
What you’ve been grappling with health & life wise

I’m looking forward to getting to know you better. Let’s talk!

Click HERE to fill out an application, and get started!