Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) is detective work that seeks the underlying causes of disease instead of treating symptoms.

Do You Still Have Any Of These Symptoms?

(Even though you have ‘tried everything’ to fix it?)

Are you ready to get your life back?

Do you want the energy to enjoy life to the fullest?

Western Medicine has been amazing in so many ways.  Surgery, pharmaceuticals and other life saving discoveries have extended life expectancy. 

For chronic, on-going, more mysterious conditions, modern medicine often fails to heal, symptom-solve, re-invigorate energy and provide a path to better health. What is needed is a holistic, process driven discipline of a science-based approach to daily health that supports you along your healing journey.

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition augments modern medicine, as it's purpose is to identify the root causes of issues that create imbalances in the body and provide a step by step method to return the body back to it's natural state of well-being.

Who can benefit from FDN?

90% of today’s doctor visits are for stress-related conditions: fatigue, depression, anxiety, pain, headaches, digestive problems, insomnia, foggy thinking, panic attacks, weight gain, auto-immune and thyroid issues and mood swings. These chronic conditions frustrate today’s medical doctors because the symptoms do not fit into a disease category that they treat.

FDN does not diagnose or treat disease. We look for biological markers that lead us to the underlying metabolic imbalances that are responsible for the symptoms that you experience. If you have lost your vitality, have experienced a decline in what you consider your best self, feel “off” or that you’re falling behind your own expectation of vital health and have been frustrated by the use of medications, then you may find that Functional Diagnostic Nutrition is a path to better health and vitality.

How Does It Work?

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, or “FDN” uses laboratory assessments to identify malfunctions and underlying conditions that are the root cause of many common health complaints and chronic health complaints.

These laboratory tests reveal imbalances and metabolic markers for your hormones, immune system, digestion, detoxification, energy production and the nervous system. There are, of course, others, but those are the six main ones that we look for in functional medicine. We explore all of these causes to determine and address whatever the underlying or root pathology is because if you treat the root, that will often fix the branch. If you think of the disease process like a tree, the roots are those core pathologies or underlying mechanisms that lead to the symptoms, which in this analogy are the branches. You can mess around with the branches and try to deal with things on that level, which is the conventional approach, or you can try to address the roots of the problem, which is what we’re doing in functional medicine.

Based on these findings along with information that you provide, we make recommendations regarding nutrition, sleep/rest, exercise and supplementation that restore health by supporting your body’s innate ability to heal itself.

There is no one-size-fits-all as every individual’s chemistry, biology, history and metabolism is unique. We do not diagnose or treat diseases. Instead, based on findings from your laboratory tests, we coax your body’s chemistry back into balance.

I embrace metabolic individuality and provide a step by step process that allows clients’ to achieve repeatable, consistent and successful clinical outcomes.


We start with an in-depth 60 minute Health History Consultation and then tailor your package to your needs.  Initial Consultation - $75


Rather than treat symptoms, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition focuses on investigating/handling causal factors for:

I Can Help You Wherever You Are In The World

The great thing about FDN is no matter where you are based I can help you. Once connected through our initial consultation and decide that we are going to work together, here is what we will do…

  • I will email you some health screening questionnaires to help me create a comprehensive picture on where you are at today.
  • I will then send your lab tests to you from the USA. You would then complete these tests and send them back to the lab.
  • Once I receive your results we will make a time to go over them via Zoom (like skype) or phone and discuss a thorough 90 day health building program for you to follow that I will have created for your specific needs.
  • In addition to a tailored personal protocol, you will also receive my 6 week Sugar Repair program as a free bonus to help with letting go of sugar in your diet and/or my 8 week Gut Repair program.  Both of these are to help you learn and give you recipes to guide you step by step.
  • You will also receive my 100 page Healthy Living Guide e-book that helps guide you in the daily habits that you will want to shift to living a more toxic free lifestyle and answers to the most common questions that I get from my clients.

Pricing For Testing

There are two separate costs involved with FDN. One is your health coaching package that you pick after our initial in depth Health History consultation and one is the lab fee and test kit postage from the USA to your doorstep. These are paid directly to the lab. These results will then be sent to me via email for analysis. We will then make a time to go over your results and recommendations, along with nutrition and lifestyle changes for you to make and the supplements I recommend you to take. We will do this by Zoom (think Skype but can be recorded) or over the phone and email and I will set you up with a program to follow for 90 days.

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition is that holistic, science-based approach you have been looking for. 


Programs are tailored to your personal issues, but here are a few popular programs:


Balance Hormones, Boost Metabolism & Lose Weight

This program includes:

60 minute initial consult and nutritional evaluation

Functional lab tests including: complete metabolic assessment, full adrenal stress &  hormone panel, food sensitivity panel*** 

90 minute results & recommendations session to discuss your metabolic imbalances, review test results, and discuss your personalized protocol. 

90-day personalized diet and lifestyle protocol to address hormonal dysfunction and bring things back to into balance naturally.  This is the key to unlocking your metabolism, shedding extra pounds, increasing energy and improving your sleep & mood.

3 (30-minute) nutritional coaching follow up sessions for further education, accountability, troubleshooting and protocol adjustment, and re-testing when needed

All sessions done via phone, Zoom(like Skype but recorded for you information)

Unlimited email support throughout the program with your provider

Educational handouts, eating plans, and recipes

  Health Investment: $550                   ***recommended labs will vary by client; pricing does not include lab fees***


Gut & Digestive Program

Identify Food Sensitivities, Cleanse the Gut, & Eliminate Digestive Distress!


Get to the root cause of your  digestive distress and get rid of symptoms like constipation, bloating, abdominal pain, and heartburn.  It also addresses auto-immune issues and leaky gut restoration.

60 minute initial consult and nutritional evaluation

Functional lab tests including: complete metabolic assessment, full adrenal stress &  hormone panel,  food sensitivity panel, gastrointestinal gut pathogen screen, intestinal permeability assessment, SIBO screening, candida screening, h. pylori screening.  *** 

1 (90 minute) results & recommendations session

120-day natural, personalized diet and lifestyle metabolic & gut recovery protocol

4  (30-minute) nutritional coaching follow up sessions for further education, accountability, troubleshooting and  protocol adjustment, and re-testing when needed

All sessions done via phone, Zoom (like Skype but recorded for your information)

Unlimited email support throughout the program

Educational handouts, eating plans, and recipes customized to you

  Health Investment: $625       ***recommended labs will vary by client; pricing does not include lab fees***

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