Functional health & life coaching

body. mind. spirit.


Functional health & life coaching

body. mind. spirit.

Welcome!  I'm Angela.  I am a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and Certified Life & Health Coach.  I help insightful, smart, and successful women who are struggling or stuck.  They want to lose weight,  they feel low on energy and high on stress but are feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with all the conflicting information out there. 

If you’re done with the idea of putting on weight every year, feeling tired & crappy all the time, struggling with sugar and carb cravings and the dreaded belly fat..

If you are done with feeling overwhelmed, stressed, depressed, anxious and yes... un-sexy.   If you have simply been giving in because you have been too busy, tired or you’ve tried everything. You are NOT alone.

I have create this sacred space for you. 

You will find the simple, powerful and science based functional tools combined with ancient wisdom teachings through transformative coaching that will help you deal with stress and age beautifully, healthy and happy.

What I know for sure?

You can regain your energy, understand how to deal symptoms such as anxiety, depression, adrenal/thyroid and digestion issues, plus improve your beautiful hormones that have gotten out of wack from years of stress…all while getting the tools to become the happiest, most confident, most alive person you know.

Most people find that there are one or two areas in their life that they are constantly stuck and not feeling good

  This is deeply important to me and I believe we all need a little support, help with changing our beliefs & negative patterns and understand those difficult soul challenges that we often face-- plus support to get your body back on track.

So it's okay that you got a bit off track, off balance and are struggling right now.  It's time to get back on the path with your healthy body and start feeling good and loving life again!

What is the happiest, healthiest version of yourself that you can imagine?

Body. Mind. Spirit.




Who I work with


If you are:

  • You are living with anxiety or feeling down and depressed and can't seem to break through those feelings. Your body could be starting to reflect the stress, weight gain and manifesting a host of ailments that are getting your attention.
  • You know you are not feeling as fabulous as you should be, but you have been to numerous practitioners and are still struggling to feel well
  • It could also be that you're in an intense life situation: a crossroads in work or relationships, a divorce, a crisis and the stress of that is affecting how you feel.
  • Perhaps you've taken on a daunting project: motherhood, a new business, or a demanding job and are challenged with keeping balance in your health and life.
As an executive and single mom of 3 I had treated my body like a tool for many years. Pushing it, abusing it, and creating a chaotic internal environment that matched the external chaos and stress in my life. Nearing my 40’s my body stood in complete revolt and began shouting loudly. I had explored many therapeutic healers and was slowly teaching myself a new rhythm and way to live but the missing piece was caught up in years of issues surrounding food. When I came to Angela I confidently declared that I just needed to add eat clean. She graciously listened and guided me away from my laser focus fix and began teaching me how to heal my body and understand nutrition in a radically different way. Having access to tests that provided insight into how my body was functioning coupled with Angela’s insight into the power we have to change that functioning created conditions that fostered healing. Rewiring the brain takes time and practice but as the symptoms begin to fade I could connect with the hope that I could experience health and wholeness. I highly recommend going with an individualized plan and protocol to begin thriving and living with joy. I had accepted a life of pain and stress when there is really no reason or benefit in doing so. It’s great to remember that I was created to enjoy life to it’s fullest and that is possible!
— Linda


As a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and Life & Health Coach, I see a wide range of issues that people are challenged with. My typical clients are people who have struggled with nagging health problems; low energy, depression/anxiety and stubborn weight loss, digestive and hormonal problems that they can't seem to get past and are not sure what to do next . Many of these people have seen multiple practitioners but have been unable to achieve lasting results. Behind every symptom there IS a root cause and my expertise lies in my ability to discover the underlying malfunction and help my clients truly restore health.

This is when functional medicine plus life & health coaching becomes a powerful catalyst for change and support.

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Angela is phenomenal. I am a health-care professional myself, and thought I had my health and nutrition figured out. I suffered from stress and anxiety related issues. Angela had me take a stress test to check my hormone and cortisol levels, which were fairly out of whack. No physician had ever offered this to me! She suggested simple remedies and dietary changes to help stabilize my hormones and blood sugar (plus got my stress level down!) My diet, which I thought was healthy, consisted of many packaged protein bars and “chemical proteins”. By getting my hormones back into balance I was able to lose not only the anxiety but almost 20 pounds.
— Dawn

My specialty:  depression, anxiety, difficult weight loss, adrenal/thyroid, digestive, hormone (including menopause), low energy and stressful life shifts