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Why I love the castor oil pack

Why I love the castor oil pack

I am in love with the castor oil pack.

Many years ago a very talented acupuncturist told me about castor oil packs, long before I entered my first detox school. I immediately wanted to learn more.

I began researching about the benefits of the castor pack for eliminating toxins. I was simply hooked. I have all my detoxers do this as well as my clients. I love these ancient techniques that can still be used to support the body today. They are super easy, and you can put them together on the cheap.

While a lymphatic massage or a trip to the sauna might be nice, they can also be costly. I’m telling you - all you really need is to buy castor oil and get an old t-shirt or towel.

Let's talk simple benefits first. The castor oil pack can flush your lymphatic system {your sewage system}. The lymphatic system must get flushed daily to reduce digestive issues, edema, inflammation, the common cold, weight gain and allergies. This detox tool has been used for centuries.

This amazing detox tool can support your circulation, remove toxins and help stimulate digestion. I was hesitant to use this pack but ever since I tried it and felt the benefits for my own body, I have never stopped. I could feel my digestion stimulated, the swelling I get in my lower legs reducing, and I had a better sleep.

I’ve had mood and adrenal issues for many years and am always on the lookout for natural ways to detox my body in the comfort of my own home. It really is key for my health. I look at the castor oil pack as an awesome detox tool that boosts my immune and is excellent for disease prevention.


We all have some toxicity - why not support your body to get rid of it?


How to Make Your Own Castor Oil Pack:

-       Take an old shirt and cut it into 12 x 18 inches in size and fold it into 3 thicknesses.

-       You want it to be about the same size as the heating pad you will be using so that the pad heats the entire pack but does not touch your skin.

-       Put the shirt in a pan, such as a large disposable baking pan, and pour in enough castor oil to cover. 

-       Note that after each use you will probably need to add a little more castor oil. You can reuse the pack many times. When not in use, store your pack in a plastic bag in the refrigerator.


The Simple Castor Oil Pack:

You can also put castor oil directly onto your stomach and upper abdomen. Then, wrap your stomach and upper abdomen with saran wrap and sit for 45 minutes. This is a simplified version and quite effective.


Usage Guidelines:

-       Use the pack in the evening before bed. Fold a towel (dedicate an old towel for this use as the oil is almost impossible to wash out completely). Take the cloth cover off of a heating pad and place the heating pad on top of the towel. It is important to heat the pack before you put it on your body.

-       Lie down on your back on a towel. Place the pack on your abdomen with the heating pad on top and the towel on top of that. The pack should be on the right side of your body, extending from a little bit above the bottom of your sternum (breastbone) to about 4 inches below your navel. The pack should wrap around the body on the right side, from the navel as far to the side as you can get it. Keep the pack on for 45 minutes. Use the pack for 3 days in a row. Then take a break for 4 days, and repeat.


Remember, the castor oil pack is a natural and inexpensive way to rid the organs of toxicity. Know that you are taking good care of yourself when you use the pack.



Simple Ayurvedic Practices for Daily Detox

Simple Ayurvedic Practices for Daily Detox

I wanted to share some suggestions if you have been working hard on your detox and you want to be sure that the effects of all that effort last. You can also set yourself up for your next seasonal detox, primed, and ready to release toxins on a deeper level.

I came across Ayruvedic practices and ideas around diet several years ago and became quite fascinated by some of the amazing ideas that are so helpful, have been around for centuries and I really didn't know of anyone around me that knew anything about it!  I began studying and trying some of the ideas and suggestions and found it super helpful (particularly some of the diet concepts and eating with the seasons and to your body type).

If you have never heard of Ayurveda, here's the skinny: Ayurveda translates to 'knowledge of life' or 'science of life'. Ayurveda is to India that Traditional Chinese Medicine is to China. Ayurveda is about living in communion with the shifts of the seasons and the rhythms of the sun and moon throughout the day. It is an ancient practice that both supports wellness and recovers health. The principles are universal and can be practiced by anyone with a desire to feel more connected to their health and wellbeing.

If you have been involved in one of my seasonal detox, you've already begun to practice one of the Ayurvedic principles, so adding these 3 simple daily practices will increase your body's ability to withstand the stress of daily life and the toxins you can not help but be affected by.

If you haven't already, begin to add these 3 practices into your routine.  Do them sequentially and stay with it.

Banish Bad Breath

- Upon rising, eliminate, brush your teeth and scrape your tongue. Did you know that you will remove more sticky plaque from your mouth with a metal tongue scraper than you will by brushing your teeth?

Do this before put anything into your belly.

You can get a toungue scrapper at your local health food store or Amazon.

Rinse Your Belly

By now, you have an understanding that a clean digestive system works so much more efficiently and uses less energy that a clogged up, gummy one. To keep your system clean and start with a clean stomach, drink 16 - 20 ounces of warm water first thing.

This has three primary effects for your body.

  • Number One

-Okay, actually it's about 'number two'. It is especially helpful to promote movement and train the body so that will eliminate through the bowel more easily. Do you have to add lemon? No. Will it hurt to add lemon? No. Just make the water body temperature and you will get the greatest benefit.

  • Number Two

Clean pure, warm, body temperature water first thing in the morning will help to clear out any leftovers in the stomach. This way yesterday's food that may not have fully digested will not mix with today's undigested food, kind of like getting a new plate for your breakfast instead of using the dirty one from last night’s dinner.

  • Number Three

 It hydrates you! Your body wakes up dehydrated. It's been starved for water for at least 8 hours. Because optimally, your body is about 70% water when you start your day with all your internal electrical systems flowing, you will think better. Which means you will make better food choices. Better food choices now mean that your next seasonal detox will release a little more deeply.

Oil Up

The daily practice of Abhyanga is a hot oil self massage. This one practice will nourish your skin and body on a level that is superior to any other skin treatment. Remember, you skin is your largest organ. Once you start the habit, you'll find it doesn't take long to add it to you daily morning routine.

How to Abhyanga 101

Warm your oil to body temperature. Pour a small amount into your hand and add oil as you need it. Massage into hands. Then begin with the neck, working your way down towards your feet, because this is a grounding massage. Long strokes on the bones and circular strokes on the joints. Until you reach the feet. When done, get into a hot shower and let the hot water rinse over you. The hot water will open your pores and press the oil into the skin. This is not only nourishing but protective. If you want to use soap, use it on your pits and privates. There is enough chlorine and other detergents in the water to 'clean' you.

Dry off as you normally would.

These are so simple, easy, and actually elegant ways of taking care of your body that will promote daily detox in a toxic world.

Enjoy them!